Report Bugs

hand-792920_640If this isn’t your first bug report, please jump straight to Cowbell’s bug tracker.

So, you’ve found a bug in Cowbell. Now what do you do? Well, the bug reporting process is quite simple; all it requires is a little time and patience to create a good report.

First, before you do anything, check the bug tracker to see if the bug you found has already been reported.

If it has, you’re in luck! Developers might have begun looking at the problem, and possibly writing a fix for it. So, add yourself to the CC list on the bug to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates or fixes.

If not, don’t despair. Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be writing good bug reports in no time.

Describe exactly what steps you went through to find the bug, e.g.:

  1. Went to Filesupport-487508_640
  2. Clicked Open
  3. Navigated to desktop
  4. Imported 15 files
  5. Crash


Describe your current environment, e.g.:

Running Ubuntu Breezy with Cowbell from packages, version 0.2.4. Imported 15 ogg files encoded at quality 6.
Attach any error messages, console output, etc. If you have time, run cowbell with the following arguments and attach the output. The –debug option provides more verbose output so that the developers can tell exactly where the problem occurs.



guy-830864_640Cowbell is an elegant music organizer intended to make keeping your collection tidy both fun and easy.

Infused with Amazon Web Services SOAP-fu, Cowbell can whip your music platoon into shape without even getting your boots muddy. And, if that isn’t enough to make you want to rush to the Download link, Cowbell can also snatch album art and rename your music like a pro.
Your music. Your Way

Do you have an expansive collection of 90′s era experimental polka rivaling only museums? How do you keep it tidy? Chances are, it involves a considerable amount of hand-editing, a smidgen of bash, or a smattering of expletives to complete — and who has time for all of it anyway?mouse-583579_640

Cowbell was designed around the principle “Your music. Your way“; why should you have to conform to arbitrary guidelines set by sadistic software programmers just to clean up your music? Instead, with Cowbell, what was a tag editor becomes a music organizer and an enabler, allowing you to collect and organize your tunes any way you want.
Dive Right In

Cowbell’s easy-to-use interface allows new users to dive right in to music organization. In fact, its so easy that following Cowbell’s 3-step guide, entitled Cowbell, By the Numbers, can get you organizing like a pro in no time. Don’t think its possible? Try it out! I think you’ll be surprised how easy tagging can be.